Mikolajki – Ryn 20,00 km

The route goes in north west direction and on on the section of 7,50 km concides with route Giżycko – Mikołajki. Despite different names (J. Mikolajskie, j. Talty, J. Rynskie) the route runs basically through one lake filling a long lake gutter in between RynemMikołajkami and Rucianem-Nida.

  • 7,50 km the embranchment of the trails – on the right to Gizycko, straight ahead to Ryn. Close to the left deepest point  j. Talty (51m).
  • 9,50 km On the left village Jora Mala and Jora Wielka, on the right village Skorupki.
  • 12,00 km North West. end of lake Talty, begining of lake Rynskie.
  • 13,50 km On the right, on the peninsula village Mrowki. On the left the connection with  situated about  0,80 km from shore lake Rynskie with lake Notyst.
  • 17,50 km On the right lake Rybical, before the village on the left a small island, straight ahead elongated in north direction narrow bay.
  • 19,50 km Sawmill in Ryn.
  • 20,00 km Port on lake Rynskie in Ryn.