Mikolajki – Ruciane-Nida 19,20 km

The route leads in south direction through lake Mikolajskie and lake Beldany as well as small lake Guzianka Mala and Guzianka Wielka. On the both sides of the route almost on the whole length forests oflasy Piskia wilderness. Between the south end of  lake Beldany and lake Guzianka Mala chamber lock Guzianka overcoming two meter difference in the water level of those lakes. On lake Beldany numerous leisure centres and large Water Tourism Center PTTK in Kamien.

  • 0,00 km Begning of the route – Sailing Village in Mikołajki on Mikolajski lake.
  • 3,00 km Embranchment of the routes Mikolajki – Ruciane-Nida (straight ahead) and Mikolajki – Pisz (on the left). 2,25 km on the left (route to Pisz) biggest polish lake Sniardwy.
  • 5,00 km End of Mikołajski lake, begining of Beldany lake. On both sides harbor of rope ferry in Wierzb. On both sides of lake Beldany forests of Piska wilderness.
  • 8,50 km Z prawej zatoka j. Bełdany Iznota, do której uchodzi największy dopływ Wielkich Jezior Mazurskich rz. Krutynia.
  • 10,50 km In west direction of the lake Beldany shore, surronded by the forests of Piska wilderness – Water Tourism Center PTTK.
  • 14,50 km To the right bay of lake Beldany, Wygryny over which lies Wygryny village
  • 16,70 km South end of Beldany lake, chamber lock Guzianka.
  • 17,14 km Beginning of the Guzianka Mala lake.
  • 18,75 km On the right visible Sawmill in Ruciane-Nida. Before the saw mill large sorting plant of wood carried by lake.
  • 19,20 km Ruciane-Nida. Beginning of the extension of the main route on  Nidzkie lake.