Mikolajki – Pisz 25,00 km

The route goes in south east direction through the biggest lake of Poland Sniardwy and the longest canal section in the Great Masurian Lakes navigation system – Jeglinski Canal(5,25 km). On the canal near Karwik village chamber lock Karwik. Canoeists can continue to Narwi on Wisla flowing out of Ros lake river Pisa.

  • 0,00 km Begining of the route – Sailing Village in Mikolajki on Mikolajski lake.
  • 1,00 km On the left, on high shore of Mikolajski lake visible institution of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Mikolajki.
  • 3,00 km Embranchment of the routes – straight ahead to Ruciane-Nida, left to Pisz. On the left on peninsula separating Mikolajskie lake from south west of Sniardw bay Dybowo village.
  • 5,25 km End of Mikolajski lake, begning of Sniardwy lake. With some misty weather shore of the lake is no longer visible.
  • 6,25 km On the right, on the peninsula breaking in between Sniardwy lake and Beldany Science Station of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Popielno (Tarpan breeding, Mazurian deer and beavers).
  • 11,00 km Near the route (on the left) Pajecza Island and Czarci Ostrow Island. Further on east the largest island of Sniardwy lake Szeroki Ostrow.
  • 16,00 km On the right Kaczor island separating Sniardwy lake from it’s sout bay called Seksty lake.
  • 18,45 km Begining of the Jeglinski canal joining Seksty lake with Ros lake.
  • 19,00 km Chamber lock Karwik. On the right, in distance of about 0,80 km Karwik village 2 km further on the canal Jegliny village.
  • 23,70 km End of Jeglinski canal, begining of Ros lake.
  • 25,00 km Outflow of the Pisy river from  Ros lake, port in Pisz.