Gizycko – Wegorzewo 25,20 km

The route goes through south part of Great Masurian Lakes. It takes it’s begining in.Gizyck on Niegocin lake. We sail to Gizycki Canal crossing the western part of the city. Over the channel, at a distance of about 200m from outlet on Niegocin lake, there is a rotary bridge. It is the only one of it’s kind in the whole sailing system. After leaving the canal, in the space of more than 20km, the route runs through the interconnected lakes called jointly Mamry lake. The final length of the route 2,60km leads through the Wegorapa river and Wegorzewskim Canal.

  • 0,00 km Gizycko – Niegocin Lake.
  • 0,10 km The beginning of the Gizycki Canal joining Niegocin lake and Kisajno lake being a part of  Mamry.
  • 0,30 km rotary bridge above the canal.
  • 2,43 km Gizyckiego Canal outlet on Kisajno lake.
  • 3,25 km Connection with the side route leading from Gizyck through Niegocinski canal.
  • 3,50 km Many islands on the left including: Duzy Ostrow, Sosnowy Ostrow, Gorny Ostrow, Kiermuza and Debowa Gorka.
  • 7,25 km On the left beginning of the side toure to Fuleda (7,00 km).
  • 7,50 km On the right on the shore of the lake Pierkunowo village. About 1 km east from the village  Peat bog reserve “Pierkunowo”.
  • 10,20 km On right Królewski Róg peninsula, on the left Fuledzki Róg breaking in between lakes: Kisajno, Dargin, Labap and Dobskie. On peninsula, behind Fuleda village rock formate reserve “Fuledzki Róg“.
  • 14,50 km A road bridge linking Kirsajty Island to the mainland, begining of Kirsajty lake. Left on the peninsula breaking in between lakes: Labap, Dargin, Kirsajty i Mamry, on small Sztynorckim lake – Sztynort, where there is a large Baroque palace, extensive park with several hundred years old oaks.
  • 16,00 km On the left Kurka island separating Kirsajty lake and Mamry lake.
  • 17,25 km Beginning of the side route to Ogonki village (8,50 km).
  • 18,50 km On the left, in distance of about 1,7 km Upalty island, The largest in the Land of Great Masurian Lakes with area of 67 hectares. Bit further north  outlet from Mamry lake inactive Mazurski Canal.
  • 22,60 km The begining of the Wegrorapy river flowing out of Mamry lake flowing out to Pregoly river.
  • 23,70 km Węgorzewski Canal.
  • 24,60 km Węgorapa River.
  • 25,20 km Port in Wegorzewo.