Gizycko – Mikolajki 37,20 km

The route goes in south direction through the middle of Great Masurian Lakes. On the route the third largest lake of the area and one of the largest ones in Poland Niegocin lake and few smaller lakes joined through canals. From Niegocin lake visible panorama of Gizyck (on the right) well known tourists resort Wilkasy. On the lakes further down the trail large numbers of waterfowl, including swans. From the lake side branch of the trail to Kisajno lake through Niegocinski canal.

  • 0,00 km Beginning of the route on Niegocin lake in Gizyck.
  • 8,80 km Joining of the Niegocin lake with Boczny lake (narrows). On east shore Rydzewo village – “Gospoda Pod Czarnym Łabędziem“, on west Bogaczewo village.
  • 11,26 km Kula canal joining  Boczne lake with Jagodne lake. The isthmus dividing the lake It is considered to be a water diversion between the river basin of Wisla and Pregola.
  • 19,10 km The beginning of the Szymoński Canal connecting south part of  Jagodne lake called Szymonecki lake with Szymon lake. Above channel road bridge on the car  na car route Gizycko – Mikolajki (S4) and Mikolajki – Ryn through Stara Rudowka. On the left Szymonka village.
  • 21,46 km Szymonski Channel outlet on Szymon lake. The lake surrounded by dense shoals is an excellent habitat for waterfowl.
  • 22,86 km The beginning of the Miodunski Canal connecting Szymon lake with small Kotek Wielki lake.
  • 24,78 km End of Miodunski canal, begining of Kotek Wielki lake.
  • 25,66 km Begining of Lelecki canal joining Kotek Wielki lake with Tałtowisko lake. Above channel bridge on car tour Mikolajki – Ryn.
  • 26,13 km Lelecki canal outlet on Taltowisko lake.
  • 27,63 km Beginning of Talcki canal (Tałtenski) joining Taltowisko lake with Talty lake.
  • 29,23 km Tałcki canal outlet on Talty lake.
  • 29,70 km Embranchment of sailing routes on Talty lake – on right to Ryn (section Mikołajki – Ryn), on the left to Mikolajki. Near embranchment (on the right) The deepest depth of the lake reaching 51m.
  • 33,00 km On the left of the Talty lake shore Talty village.
  • 35,00 km On the right, the highest elevation of the area (viewpoint) Olszowy Róg (155 m above sea level).
  • 36,95 km End of  Talty lake, begining of Mikolajski lake.
  • 37,20 km Sailing Village in Mikolajki on Mikolajski lake.